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Reparacion chip de sonido iPhone 7

Ha sido todo un descubrimiento, rápido, resolutivo y profesional. Súper recomendable ????????

By: Gabriela Basso 01/30/2021

Cambio de Batería de alta calidad para iPhone 6S

Realizada ampliación de memoria ¡de 16 a 128Gb! y batería. Todo ok
Tardó algún día más, pero en pleno temporal de nieve es normal.
Recogida y entrega en domicilio.
Recomendable 100%

By: Joaquin 01/31/2021

Lector SIM para iPhone 6S Plus

Artigo compatível/original com bons acabamentos e fácil de instalar sem problemas.
Envio super rápido rápido !!!

By: Manuel Cunha 02/01/2021
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Spare Parts and Repairs Accesorios Blackberry.

Spare parts Accesorios Blackberry . Repair Accesorios Blackberry . Spare parts, Screen Accesorios Blackberry . We also have a Accesorios Blackberry technical service.

We have spare parts for your Accesorios Blackberry such as: LCD, touch or full screen, speaker, buzzer, vibrator, earphone, microphone, charging connector module, power switch, start button on off or volume , memory slot, flex connector slot, front camera and rear camera, camera lens, screw set, wifi or gps antenna, coaxial cable. We also have several flex, tray and SIM reader and tools to change the screen.

We have the largest variety of spare parts Accesorios Blackberry . Spare parts and parts for Accesorios Blackberry . We have a wide catalog of Accesorios Blackberry parts and spare parts to fix or eliminate any damage to your Accesorios Blackberry , caused by the time and use.

If you need parts for your Accesorios Blackberry , we have all kinds of components, stock 99, 9% guaranteed. Compatible and original parts on request.


Accesorios Blackberry Repair

Do you need a replacement for Accesorios Blackberry screen? The charging connector no longer connects well? The battery is not working well, does it last? If your mobile has gotten wet, the camera does not work, it does not focus well, the start button or home button does not respond. or the headphones do not sound good you do not have to worry, fortunately in tic spare parts we will have the solution to the problems of your mobile.

When repairing your Accesorios Blackberry we recommend that you always put yourself in the hands of a specialized technical service.


Common failures when repairing a smartphone or tablet:

Screen does not turn on / broken my Accesorios Blackberry : the complete screen must be changed except for those models that allow easy replacement only the outer glass.

My smartphone Accesorios Blackberry does not charge: usually it is because of the battery drain. Secondly, it may not charge due to poor condition of the charging connector module. The third case is possible that the motherboard has a damaged charging chip. It may or may not be repaired.

Speaker, earpiece, microphone and ringtone failures:

When I call I cannot be heard: you should check or change the operation of the microphone of your smartphone. It can be a loose piece or go with the charging connector piece.

I can't hear calls: The ringtone of a smartphone is given by the so-called hands-free speaker or buzzer . Also the video playback sound goes through the buzzer speaker. The normal sound that you would have in a call is reproduced through the earpiece speaker , you must change this part if you are not able to hear the other person.


Change Screen Accesorios Blackberry.

We have screens for Accesorios Blackberry, check our category or call us if you need to order your screen or that we provide you with our technical service to change the screen of your Accesorios Blackberry.

Buy your Accesorios Blackberry spare part through the website. If it is in stock, it will be released the same day and will arrive the next day in peninsular destinations.


Repair Accesorios Blackberry. Accesorios Blackberry technical service

Technical service Accesorios Blackberry . Accesorios Blackberry repair.

We repair your Accesorios Blackberry in breakdowns such as: battery, LCD, touch or full screen, speaker, buzzer, vibrator, earphone, microphone, charging connector mo

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